Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doctor's Visit

Just enough teeth left
To chew my food
Just enough nose
To smell the flowers
Just enough urethra
To spray the weeds
Outside my bedroom door
Just enough sight
To take in the beauty
All around me…

Life is good

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Pebble

I drop the pebble of inquiry
Into the pond of my innermost
Ripples move out
And reverberate off the shores
Of my distant Self.
I see the images of eternal truth.
I feel the wholeness
Of my inner being.
This recognition is my homecoming.
Nothing has changed,
But for the light that illuminates all.
With gratitude and laughter,
I accept this wondrous gift
And heartfully extend it
To you.

The Path of Beauty

I walk the path of beauty.
I walk among the firefly stars of the night
Where silence embraces me
Like a warm blanket.
I hear sounds that tickle my ears and soothe me.
I lay upon the ground
That becomes my bed.
I sink into the Earth.
I listen to my heart
And it becomes the drum sound that guides me.
I feel the pulse of my blood,
Surging like a river into mystery.
I explore the depths of my breath,
And I become the Wind
That knows every place.
All my senses communicate
The beauty that surrounds me and is inside
My heart is full
And I am one with all creation.
Security is not about taming the ocean,
it’s about learning how to sail your boat across it.